Beatjackers 2​.​0 - This Is Not The End

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This Is Not The End

Let me get this off my chest.
This isn't a test, I'm a give it my best.
To pay homage, to my man dearly departed.
Gone way too soon before he even got started.
I remember meeting you at first.
Cocky swagger, go getter, you had the thirst…
to succeed! There was no stopping you.
Convenient timing, we needed a singer too. (Great!)
Came to the studio, gave it what you got.
And what you had was mad hot.
Vocal range, musician, extremely talented.
Fantastic, now vocals were balanced and…
rapper and singer in the front, Beatjackers!
We were whole now, not a band of slackers.
One thing I thank you for in this life.
Our first show together, a hell of a night!

Chorus: I've always known that you were there, To see me right and help me face my fears. Now I know that you're still there, that one thing is crystal clear to me. This is not the end.

A man of a million faces.
Deal maker in a million places.
Setting everyone up to move forward.
Not let an opportunity go if it…
went toward the bigger picture.
Being seen clearer, organised the teams to…
make Tokyo seem worth seeing.
Underground the place for being…
a launchpad, making hard pushes for
finding artists and bands that wanted…
to shine. And it was like the time.
So everybody knew what…
it was supposed to be and they got with it.
But he punched his meal ticket.
Too early now he's gone.
And we're singing the same song.

Chorus (x2)

How do I try to end this?
Hard as taking you off my friends list.
Don't want to delete you out of existence.
Just as your will to live was persistent.
Respect for the way you lived your life.
Never sought pity before you saw the light.
Never complained about your situation.
Eager to jump on stage without hesitation.
You jumped on stage with an oxygen tank.
Rock star shit, for that too I got to thank.
We who were there will never forget.
Embedded, forever, permanent.
Now I know you up there playing songs for the big man.
Probably up there singing Bitter Haze "Space Jam."
Voice and friendship with me forever.
Take care brother, knowing you was a pleasure.

Chorus (End)


from Just Like The Phoenix - A Tribute To Sean Deely, released December 5, 2014



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Sean Deely Tribute Album Tokyo, Japan

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